Claudia Cortinez
ph: Ignacio de Barrio
Artisan profile: Gabriela
Gaby is a knitter from Misiones, Argentina and mother of two living in Mataderos, an outlying barrio on the western edge of Buenos Aires city. She made our superfine machine-knit merino wool Mapinu scarf.
Artisan profile: Yolanda
Meet Yolanda. Many of the artisans we work with have been practicing their craft for their whole lives, but not all: in 2014 Yoli signed up for a weaving class at a community center near her home just north of Buenos Aires city, and when our facilitator/amiga De Origen popped in to see if there were any capable weavers available to help fill a huge order for woven blankets to be exported to the...
Artisan profile: the weavers of Casa de la Esperanza
ph: Bridget Gleeson
Mary and Silvana are weavers that make up part of a group that we meet with every two weeks or so in Villa de Mayo, about an hour northwest of Buenos Aires. URSA has been collaborating with them since mid-2015, after having sought out an existing group of hand-weavers around Buenos Aires to no avail. By connecting with a local social start-up called de origen, we were able to incorporate artisan...